The Story Catchers Project

Come to our exhibit and celebration June 6 at Artist’s Rep Theater 5:30-7:15 pm. 

Story Catcher: That Could Be You

Join The Story Catcher’s free workshop for fun and creativity. In 13 weekly meetings you will sit with 11 other LGBTQ elders, learn to create collage, draw and write. You will work in a journal with 12 poem/photograph prompts to write about your life and what matters to you.

  • You will receive instruction in art techniques from an experienced artist.
  • An experienced writer will help you think and talk about your reaction to the poems and photos in your journal.
  • You will share your stories with other LGBTQ elders in a safe space and capture them in your own journal provided by the program.
  • The journal will be yours to keep, to remind you of your incredible life and to share with friends or family as you choose.
  • You will make new friends or deepen friendships you already have.

Your life matters. What you’ve experienced deserves to be remembered and honored. This workshop will help you to capture the important times in your life in creative ways, and you will be surprised at how you express yourself.

Story Catchers is a project of The Geezer Gallery.The Geezer Gallery Logo

The Geezer Gallery Vision:

We envision a future where seniors redefine themselves as valuable contributors; a time when seniors view themselves as vital role models, worthy of acceptance and purpose.

We envision a future where physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and vitality are achieved through creative artistic expression; where seniors are celebrated for their unique life experiences, contributions, and wisdom.

We imagine a future where the life stories of the older generation bring insight, epiphanies, laughter, joy, and healing to all generations.

We celebrate a future where attaining elderhood is viewed as a process of positive changes and a realm of new possibilities.