The Facilitators

Rupert has been a wonderful presence in our first workshop, inspiring participants to go beyond what they thought they could do. Unfortunately he will not be able to continue with us.

Geezer Gallery artist Kristen Hamilton is joining us for the second half of the year. She has a BFA from Southern Oregon University.  She later earned her MA in Art Therapy at Marylhurst University, combining her love of art, social justice, and the celebration of humanity.


Ruperet and Emily

Rupert Kinnard

Born in Chicago IL in 1954, a product of the African American migration from the south to the north, I have also experienced the effects and benefits of white flight, the struggle for civil rights, alternative education, the LGBTQ liberation movement and disability visibility.

Through graphic design, writing and political cartooning I have dedicated my creative career to advancing issues of diversity and social justice. Decades of journaling has led me to the LifeCapsule Project which has been described as a graphic memoir, photo album, scrapbook, oral history and historic timeline. I passionately believe that to bring about social change we must share our stories.

Emily Newberry

I was born during WWII and grew up in a time when it was dangerous to live as a transgender woman. As a youth my writing and performances were about Civil Rights, the war in Vietnam and worker’s struggles.

It was only in coming out that I was able to remember and write about my own life. To my surprise, other people were moved by my writings to think about their own experiences in a different way. This has been liberating for me. I feel blessed to participate in the Story Catchers Project; helping other LGBTQ people catch their own incredible stories.